Friday, July 27, 2012

Laundry room refuge

After posting last night's blog, I curled up under my tarp and listened as the potter pat of rain sprinkles began. Not long after, the rain had become a deluge! More than my tarp could bear. I had not set it up as well as I should have, and a pool was collecting and sagging closer and closer to my head. I got out and tried to fix it a few times, but the stakes weren't holding in the ground, and everything was starting to get pretty wet. I headed for thecampground laundry room. I made two trips with my bags and sleeping gear, and left the bike under the tarp to fend for itself. I hung things up all over to get rid of the dampness, and got cozy in a mildly comforable rocking chair. The time was about 4am- I had not slept hardly at all, and maybe squeezed in a couple hours of seated shut-eye. Thus am I packed up- things weren't too wet, and headed back up the Pemaquid peninsula to route 1. I continued east from Darmiscolla to Woolrich toward Brunswick, then down route 24 toward Orrs and Bailey Islands. They are linked in a chain along 24, and I could see a campsite marked on the map by Orrs. When I arrived, I found a sign that said no tents! Trailers only. I found the owner at his house, and he turned me away, telling me to go back 10 miles in the direction had Judy come to the next campsite. I was so sad. It was already 6:30pm and I was afraid I wouldn't make it before dark. And I was so so tired! I headed back ip the road, and cruised as fast as I could. I made it to the other campsite, got a site and set up, then heade to the main strip for some food. A search for fresh fruit and veggies, and a pint of frozen yogurt, led me to Walmart. I wandered around staring at huge boxes of cookies and sheets of excessively frosted cup cakes. I was really hungry. I got out without a sheet cake and rode back to the campsite where I ate by the beach, under the stars! Now a shower and bed- the garoua set up better tonight I think, but so far, no rain.

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  1. You are very brave... Stay safe and proud dear Andrea!!