Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everything is going great! I made it to Montreal yesterday evening, and am at hostel downtown. I had poutine for dinner :) I have Internet access here, so I have the chance to write. So far, my reception has been pretty spotty. I've also had such long days of biking that I've passed out every night without being able to lift a hand to post to the blog. The same will be try most of the trip, so along with trying to conserve phone battery, there may not be tons of updates. It's also been hard to get photos posted up without a computer. I made it from Albany to lake the first night, to Keene Valley NY the second, and to the top of Lake Champlain the 3rd. Here in Montreal the 4th. I may reroute across to Maine farther south, closer to the border- it's been hard tontine campsites, and with such a long route, I have to make certain distances each day, but won't necessarily have a place to stay. So, quebec city may be out of the loop- for practical reasons. Sad but true. It's been so beautiful, and there have been more miles if sunshine than rain- a good balance. More to come when it's possible!

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