Saturday, July 14, 2012

On my way outta Chinatown!

I am on the bus, on my way to Albany! The bike is in an underneath compartment. We left from Chinatown, are making a stop mid-town, and then upstate. Yesterday, I did a final wrap up of things in New York, and as final packing and narrowing down of clothes and gear. My friend Sarah, staying at my place for the weekend from Cape Cod, helped me go through everything to double check that I have everything. I ate some eggs this morning, posed in front of my building garbage cans for a snapshot, hugged Sarah goodbye and waived as I rode off down Bedford avenue. I took the Manhattan bridge over the east river to Chinatown, and stopped for a morning photo of my bike and the river skyline. I rode to the bus station at 133 e Broadway, checked in at the counter and hung out on the sidewalk until we left at 7:55 am.

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